Favorite Direct Mail Companies

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What are your guys favorite direct mail companies? Also what types of mailers are working for you?  I am currently using click to mail but I don't like them because i cannot create my own specific mailers!

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This post has been removed.

I used to make a killing with these:



Here is where Direct Mailing has a HUGE drawback. And you all can speculate and debate over this but I present you facts from experiencing this myself countless of times.

You send out direct mailers. As the one above me says you have to  send them out periodically because most people are not ready.

So what happens then when they are ready? You think they will pop out your mailer after 7 months from the kitchen drawer and start calling you? Yes.. sure... maybe 1% of them... IF they have saved your card.

Here is what direct mail REALLY does. They open a potential sellers mind to  the keyword "We Buy Houses" companies.

Many people have no idea what a "We Buy Houses" company is. After the direct mail now they do. They then go on internet because my competitor send them a card that said either "We Buy Houses In Connecticut", or they made the seller aware of such companies.

So they google you. They google we buy houses companies. And guess which company shows up ?

no no.. guess.


Yes.. ME. ME will come up! Don't believe me? 

Well you better believe it!

So thanks to all my competitor's efforts, (and money) just for those sellers to go and find me.. sniff.. I love you all for being so kind, thank you so much my silly little direct mailing competitors.. thank you!

Will they get some leads? Sure, maybe, but I get a ton more.

Is direct mailing then something you should avoid? No of course not. 1 deal is better than no deal.. even if I make 4 deals from your direct mail campaign while you just make one deal ^_^

Solution... in order to make it in this business you can't be a mere sheep, following the masses, doing what everyone is doing. THINK!!!

There is a better way.. but if I share it here you will never condition your brain to think on your own no?

Seems almost no one is.

Besides, who wants to deal with  following up, skip tracing, sending the same person a letter every so often...

ughhh.. I don't! (that is why I am sharing my post card...) I have no need for it anymore!

@Jerryll Noorden , It's a good thing you put your cute girlfriend on there instead of your mug :-) You sure are an intelligent fella, now let's change some lives my man!! 

Originally posted by @Rick Santasiere :

@Jerryll Noorden, It's a good thing you put your cute girlfriend on there instead of your mug :-) You sure are an intelligent fella, now let's change some lives my man!! 

 DUDE, can you imagine if I put MY mug on there???

All the women would want to sell their house so they could have me in their rooms. Market would crash!

Goprinting is great. I use Yellowletters. Or even your local postal service may have some great mailing opportunities.  

Ima give a shout out to EverestDMM.  I used to use YL.com but Everest has way better pricing, and they're small and you can talk to the GM whenever you call.

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