Whole sale contract

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Hello all, I just put together my first wholesale deal. I need help with the purchase and sale agreement and the contract process as a whole.  

Thanks in advance

Your question sounds somewhat like a person at the mechanic:

"Hello all, I just agreed to get a car.  I need help fixing it and making it drive nice as a whole."

Do not expect other people to do your leg work and answer vague questions. Here is what I suggest: Find a wholesaler near you and collaborate. Learn from them. Offer to help others in the REI world. Meet investors, real estate agents, hard money lenders, title companies, etc.

@Micheal DeVowe thanks for the feed back. I feel like a guy at the mechanic lol. I am trying but this deal came faster than I thought it would and I haven't got to the contract part of my learning. Again thank you.

@Paul Hill You are welcome.  If you do not have the documents already, maybe find the purchase and sale agreement and contract samples in the FilePlace then have a RE lawyer look them over for a couple hundred bucks.  Then get the deal done.

@Micheal DeVowe didn't know the file place existed.  That just Answered so much of my question.  Thanks again,  have a bless day.

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