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Hello all

I’m just now starting my wholesaling career and I’m still putting together my list for leads. I took action and went to my local courthouse(Dekalb and Rockdale County) to try to compile a list of preprobate, probate, tax delinquent, and absentee owners. Once I got there I didn’t know what to actually look for and I wasn't exactly sure what to ask for once I got there. This in turn lead to the staff not being so helpful.

My questions are:

What office in your local courthouse do you visit to get these leads?

How do you communicate effectively with the staff so they can properly assist you?

When accessing records what is the pertinent information that you’re looking for?

Once you find the information how do you enter it into your database?

Would it be easier just to pay for a list online?

@Lawrence Bacon

I usually visit the county courthouse. Civil division for probate leads.

I communicate in a adult and professional manner. Even if the clerk(s) is having a bad day. That same clerk most likely will have to help you again.

The information I'm interested in is did the decedent have property. So I'm researching the probate file for their last known address and then I cross reference that information from the tax assessor that's available through my local MLS.

Yes, you can pay for that list. Try this webpage

for not only List source but AgentPro247, Melissa Data, ReboGateway and Real Quest as well..

@Lawrence Bacon

To find Tax Delinquent owners ask for the Treasurer of your local county, the clerks gave me the run-around for awhile until I listened to a BP Podcast that gave me this tip. These are not properties going into tax sale, but rather those who are behind on their taxes.

Create an excel spreadsheet that is compatible with Microsoft Office mail merge. YouTube how to do a mail merge and it will show you how to set up your spreadsheet.

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