Out of State wholesale deals

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Hi all What would be a great strategy on wholesaling properties out of state??

No not as of yet I’m a newbie I’m trying. I’ve been looking around locally but’s the numbers aren’t adding up

@Jade Utley out of state wholesaling is a lot harder if you've never done your local market. You are in Nashville, a big metro, you should be able to find deals all over the place. You might have to go out to the suburbs, I don't know your market but I am in the DC area, very competitive and very expensive, but there are deals all over the place. Not only in DC proper, but in all the VA & MD suburbs.

I would suggest visiting the wholesaling forum & consume all the info there. Have you joined any of REIAs in the area? There are deals in Nashville & its' suburbs.

@Jade Utley welcome to the site! It's great to have you here. Feel free to ask any questions in the bigger pockets community! Wholesaling out of state first you will need to set up a team such as realtors, contractors, investor friendly title co and attorneys and also connecting with local wholesalers is essential. Hope this help and good luck on your journey!


Stay close to home would be my suggestion. Just to find a management company that you can trust can be a daunting task.

Partner with wholesalers in your target out of state market, market for end buyers. Make sure you add value somehow. This is basically what it is all about plus tons of marketing.

Have the local seasoned wholesaler in your target market amylose where you will be marketing. YOU Pay for the marketing . YOU get the leads and make sure it’s a doable deal. Send your partner. Close. Split the profit. Do all this under an entity you are both in.

Is there a reason your market won’t work?

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