Contract you’ll use for Wholesaling TREC 1-4 Really?

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Hey guys I have a question I live in Dallas Tx and I’m a new Real Estate Wholesaler. And I’m aware that the TREC 1-4 family contract is most commonly used when buying real estate here in Texas and is the contract that’s most commonly used with my title company that I’m going to use but my only problem is I don’t see anywhere where it is assignable to a cash buyer where it says (and or assigns) or where it has contingencies such as a 10 day inspection period in the contract or anything like that. I have an investor friendly title company just not an investor friendly contract which is imperative to me since I’m Wholesaling. So I was wondering if you’ll have like a custom TREC 1-4 family contract that I can use for Wholesaling that you guys use for Wholesaling and it works fine for you I don’t know if you’ll Integrated your own clauses and assignment part in the contract if you’ll did and have like a custom contract can you’ll send it to me please? I am really trying to start ASAP but I can’t because I don’t have the contracts in order. My buddy out of California Wholesales and used a very simple 2 page purchase contract and it works fine for him but I don’t know if it’ll work for these investor friendly title companies over here in Texas. Let me know what you’ll have to say if someone can please help me out if would be much appreciated Thank You!

You can use the TREC promulgated form. Section 1 identifies the parties: Seller and Buyer. In the Buyer line write in your name or company name followed by
“or assigns.” Done.