RE Agent to help assign Contract?

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Hello Matthew,
Yes this is true. You can use a tool called (I’m not sure if you can use it if you are not an agent and also not sure what states you can use it in). I am a licensed agent in WA and everyone uses these here. is used to send a preview of your deal to every agent in the area. If you want help from a specific agent to find a buyer for your deal just call a local office and ask to speak with an agent that represents many investors. You’ll find someone familiar with contract assignments and they’ll know what to do! Hope this helps.

Typically realtors do not like to deal with wholesalers. You would have to be willing to offer some kind of commission for the realtor. Buyers are not very willing to cover the commission because they are use to no charge for the realtors services.

Originally posted by @Matthew Ray :

this contract is through an agent.  She will get the commision

If you assign the contract to a third party, you are no longer the buyer and the agent would not have a relationship to the buyer or perhaps even the transaction.  Careful.