Needing advice for wholesaling

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Hi, I have started to get into the wholesale game, I have been doing the for just under a month. Just wanted to know what sites some of you use to get motivated sellers? At the moment I’m using listsource for Absentee owners and I just received a tax delinquent list. Also how long did it take for your first wholesale deal? Lol From a beginner discouraged wholesaler.

Consider using a list broker for getting lists. They can make suggestions for some alternatives that could work in your area.

Phone numbers are tough. 

  1.  about 90-95% of households have registered for the federal do-not-call
  2. it's illegal to call cell phones 
  3. people are changing phone numbers a lot between land lines and cell phones.

Go interact with people. This isn’t a from behind the computer screen business, you have to be seen and heard while doing this. There might be few and far in between deals that will come your way through automatically populated things like lists. Keep giving it a try, but just remember you are not the only one wanting to do it the easy way. So you buy your list: are you a master over the phone conversationalist? If you mail, do you know the direct mail piece that will work ?
I am a huge proponent of creating your own leads especially in your own backyard

Hope this helps

I use a website (motivated website) to get motivated sellers for free.

Get your own website if you plan to be a serious player and get it now. All these lists are good for just one thing... to get started. Why buy and pay for these lists when you can get much better leads and a lot more for free?

I made my first deal ($14,000,-) in exactly 3 months. That first lead indeed came from a list. (my site was not yet ranking). After my third deal my site ranked 1 on google and I did not pay for a single lead ever since.

Don't just wing it. Have a plan.

The plan absolutely looks like this.

1) Get a website.

2) Do SEO

3) Get your list and select your filters wisely

4) Get on Craigslist and find leads and buyers

5) design your mailers wisely. Do not use stock designs!

6) Be honest with the sellers.

Listen man. There are people that will tell you something "advice" because either they want you as a client, or they fiercely believe in what they are saying. 

Either case this does NOT make them correct.

You need to think on your own and use your logic and intelligence. Do based on that!

Find reasons why you think any advice received is not good advice and find reasons why it is.

Evaluate them and visualize these, make a decision.