Want to learn how to find home owners and motivated sellers

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I’m a newbie and I’m super excited to be apart of the real estate world. I’m trying to get into wholesaling first. I have been doing a lot of researches and always will continue to do so. But one thing I can’t come across is that I can’t find the actual home owners and motivated sellers and if I do find home owner sellers, they are already taken over by investors. Are there any softwares or legit websites that I can go and find them ? Is there any tricks that investors use other than softwares and websites Thank you

Welcome @Asim Pahari . The actual home owners will be on the auditors website for whatever county they live in.  No website can tell you who is motivated.  Certain websites however can suggest who might be.  All the information you are requesting can be found on the forums here on BiggerPockets.  Anything you can not find after searching feel free to reach out.  Again, welcome.