Repair Costs for SF Bay Area

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I'd like have an idea of average cost per square footage as far as a 1) light cosmetic fix, 2) full renovations and also 3) gut renovations in the San Francisco Bay Area...

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 Such metrics unfortunately do not exist. At least not accurately.

Supply/demand for GCs in the Bay Area heavily favors the GCs. They are slammed and do not have time to waste. 

Generally one must have a property at least under contract to even get a GC to bid the job. And if the GC gets a sense that you're working with multiple GCs, they will not bother to show up. It is what it is.

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I’m getting some replies from contractors saying costs per sqft range from $200-$300... compared to what I leaned from other states, that’s a huge difference... so, I know costs for everything in the Bay Area are higher than any other place, but I’d like know if that’s accurate...


It can range from $250-$400 in San Francisco but trying to get a qualified GC with crew ready and available during the same year you want to do work... good luck. I scheduled mine 8 months ahead, especially after the north bay fires. 

$125-150/ sf gla for cosmetic update.  $175-$300 for rehabilitation.  Landscape, fence, appliance, pavers is extra.

In MTN VIEW a 2 br new condo is 1.6M all sold out first 10 days. In Alabama I doubt you need to pay $175K.

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I got a project that I’m willing to put in contact in Redwood City... it’s a distressed home... contractor I took gave an estimate matching these numbers you mentioned...are you a cash buyer here in the Bay Area?