More than just the typical beginner wholesaler

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Hi everybody! My name is Nicholas but my friends call me Nic. I really don't want to fall into the typical stereotype of the newbie who wants to wholesale and then flip and then accumulate rental properties, even though that is true I want to solely focus on wholesaling for a while and really master it. I am looking to build my investor/buyer list and would love any advice while also building long-lasting amazing business relationships. 

If there are even any other new people to the industry, lets talk! making connections is my goal. thanks everyone for taking the time to read my thread!!

there was a young man from Davis or Vacaville who was getting going about 6 months ago in that area.. maybe he will surface.. he was trying a little of everything.. ( with I think limited success) but I think he decided he just was going to get licensed and try to earn commissions instead of spending so much money with no result.

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Thank you for the information, I'm glad to hear there are some locals to hook up with potentially. What is that you do investing wise?

well I will use that question to Segway into listen to the BP pod cast 222  its my life story over 4 decades in real estate..

wish you the best

Nicholas Crew asking @Jay Hinrichs what he does in real estate is like asking Bill gates what he does in software lol. There’s not much he doesn’t do.

Anyways, I would recommend not doing wholesaling. You’re gonna spend a lot of time and money for likely limited success. Just become an agent. Much easier. Still lots of work. But at least there’s a history of people making it more than wholesaling.

Same goes for flipping. I would learn a lot before you try that.

In case you haven’t heard of them yet Solano wealth builders meets every second Thursday of the month in Fairfield. I’m new as well but already have learned a lot.

Hey... got your colleague request... I just started in 2017, and finished my first flip over winter and spring....wholesaling... I dunno.  Most are BS.  If anything, get together with one of the firms that is doing it already and work with them.  Too many ask for $10k to assign a contract.  double or triple people advertising same house...