Owner Occupied Property Wholesaling - Contract Necessities

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Hi everyone! 

I'm very close to getting a contract for a multi unit property and I believe its a good deal.  The property is owner occupied.  One unit is on month to month, while the other unit has tenants under lease which started on 2/2018.  The thing is, the original seller doesn't want the tenants to know he's selling until everything closes.  He told me he doesn't want anyone contacting his tenants.  I think he is afraid to spoke them in case the deal doesn't go through.  Is there anything I should make sure is stated in my purchase agreement with the seller or in the assignment contract I provided to the new buyer?   The original seller is already asking questions about a estoppel in the contract and contacting tenants .  I told him if he supplied the information, that would be okay (right?).   We  haven't signed yet so I can make updates to the contract. 

Also, how do I best show the property to potential buyers under these circumstances?

Thank you much from a newbie trying to learn from the best!