Wholesaling Vacant Land

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Hello all!

I have sent out my second round of mailers and I have received 15 calls in the first 2 days! About 8 of them seem like good wholesale leads that I have been working on. There are another 2 that I think may work well, but the properties are vacant land.

I am not familiar with dealing with this. Can someone please give some advice on where I start?

How do I determine the value of the land?

How much should I offer the seller?

How do I find my buyers?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance for your help!

I would go on my county’s tax assessors website to get an idea. Then I’d call a developer or fix and flip investor in my area and buy them lunch or just bluntly ask what they believe to be the value of the dirt because they will more than likely be your buyers anyway. If it sounds like a good deal lock it up, check the appraised value first and then approach people for advice