Wholesale Investor Looking For Beginners Tips

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Figure out a marketing budget you can actually spend monthly and commit to that expense monthly. Consistency is the best marketing channel so just make sure you can commit to that for at least 6 months. Then fit the budget into the marketing types and execute on which one suits your current situation.

Ex. $500/month

Direct Mail @ $.50 = 1000/month = 250/week

Signs (if legal in your city) @ $2 = 250/month = 62.5 week

Ads $17/day

Originally posted by @Stephanie Moore :
Good day, I recently signed up to take the Than Merrill class to be a Wholesale Investor, any tips on how to be successful at this and what steps to take initially as a beginner?

Thank you kindly, SM

Good to meet you,

I was speaking at a REIA yesterday in Culver City... I love the place, nice guys, nice city, you cant go wrong...

Anyway, I asked everyone in the room how many people they had in their telephone under contacts (their COI). One guy had nearly 5,000 people. Most had in the 1,000s.

Then I asked how many of you actually call on a regular schedule your contacts in your mobile phone and let them  know you are looking for houses to buy... 


Remember there are IMHO the following prospects marketing types when considering consistent marketing.

@Stephanie Moore

Get to know your local market.  Develop an idea of what type of property you will be targeting and in what neighborhoods.  Then start looking for deals.  If you are lacking money good methods could be walking/driving for dollars, cragislist ads, or cold calling "for rent" ads.  Whatever you choose to do, be consistent like @Walter Roby jr said.

Thanks everyone, I was recently scammed by a guy who reached out to me on this site and took me for $235 if my money so now I’m having to start from scratch. I never knew there were scam artist in this industry but I’m learning fast. I can use all the advice I can get.