I have the comps... how to find ARV?

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So I worked with a realtor and they sent me the Comps (Comparative Market Analysis). Need help finding the ARV? I see a section for “Brief Summary of Compared Listings” in the report. It shows a graph of low, medium and high prices. There is one section for Average price. Would this be my ARV?

@Jerrel Jones Ok so finding your ARV is a bit of an art, the easiest way I can think to explain it is try to find as many exact copies of the house you are looking at. For example if the house you are looking to buy is a 3bd 1ba 1 car garage built in 1970, try and find the 3 closest properties that has sold in the last 6 months as close to your property as possible. Pay attention to the level of rehab on these properties a comp that sold that was a total dump is not going to be a good indicator. If two have granite counter tops and tiled showers and one does not you should see that reflected in the sales prices. Then base your ARV on what you plan on doing to the property, for example if your not planning on doing granite and tile don't base your ARV off properties that have that. Also remember the higher the finishes are the more the rehab is going to cost, I could go on and on because finding an ARV is truly an art but the only way you are going to get better is to first learn the basics then analyze as many deals as possible till you get the hang of it good luck!