New Wholesaler in the Phoenix Market

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Hi BP Community, 

This is my first post and I am excited to have found such an active and supportive community. My 9 to 5 job is sales and I have grown increasingly frustrated with the prospect that I am making millions of dollars for somebody else when I could be putting the same effort into my own business thus,  have recently decided to go all in with real estate investing.

I have a decent understanding of the process but I am stuck in the analysis phase of how to generate leads for a few hundred to a thousand dollars.  I have been driving my neighborhood and I also have others driving around the area to find vacant properties.  I plan on cold calling these properties and my goal is to be doing 5 cold calls/day starting next month. I know this is a low volume of calls but my primary goal is to refine my script and learn the common objections that sellers have. 

Any input/advice/suggestions/political comments (just kidding) would be appreciated! 

Welcome @Daniel Pitner !

Congrats on moving towards your goals -- with a background in sales you will kill it.

There are so many ways to find motivated sellers that I literally have to just point you to these three blog posts I wrote:

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Hello @Daniel Pitner ,

For free probate leads use this webpage for Maricopa county:

To start go to Search: for State choose AZ. For County select Maricopa. Category select Probate. For Newspaper select The Record Reporter.

This is the heading that you would research: Notice of Hearing on Petition for Formal Appointment of Personal Representative of an Estate.

From is the date range that you can change from today to prior 30-45-90 days.

This is a free webpage and no need to purchase probate leads. But should you request copies of documents from the clerk that fee should be minimal.

Good luck..