Skip Tracing Help Please!!

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Hey everyone! I was in need of some advice regarding skip tracing. I have about 70 vacant properties I found while driving for dollars. I've skip traced about 60 of them and haven't had much luck getting ahold of the owner

 Ive had some people say they weren't' really interested in selling but they would consider an offer... but then lowest price they're willing to accept is way too high!! 100k for a fire damaged home is way too much. I've had some people say they'll call me back but they never do and I can't get a hold of them again. A lot of numbers just ring and ring and give dead air. 

So my questions is... What is the best process to get a hold of these property owners? And what would you recommend for a follow up system? I feel scattered and a little discouraged. Thanks!

How are you skip tracing the owners and are you using the mailing address or property address when searching?    If you are using a free/cheap service like whitepages, spokeo, beenverified, etc that is part of the problem.  Secondly you need more than 60 leads.  I would say plan to make contact with at least double that amount.  No deals?...analyze and adjust....analyze and adjust until you have a 1-3% conversion rate.

Same with the above. You are doing the right thing and taking the right steps. Continue to build your list, skiptrace the new list, keep following up with the past contacts until they are ready to sell. The key to this game is getting consistent with your marketing and efforts.

Every No gets you that much closer to a yes

Look at Data24/7. I've been looking over bulk skip tracing and it is looking like around 30-35 cents per entry. But Data24/7 seems to be the best price at 4 cents (with the $12 monthly membership). I have an absentee owner list that I've been meaning to skip trace (+1500 leads). 

Hi cant recall who told me but they posted on fiverr for job for someone with access to TLO and one of the other big names for skiptrace and wanted 1000 full profiles and agreed to pay like 150 and they were researching this so they also paid someone else for same list to compare if they were legit and it was a great deal from what they said. I personally haven't used this though. I think your able to go to the county records, tax records ect and look up the owner of the property will show  their mailing address (one address the property the other is the mailing) I always try the the free first Good Luck