Wholesale website and Google Ads

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So...I have a question about internet marketing for wholesaling. I’ve been reading a lot and just starting out with wholesaling. I’ve been listening to/reading a lot of Sean Terry’s stuff and other wholesalers on it. Sean Terry says that he created a website for wholesaling to get motivated seller leads along with an email marketing program, I think. From what I’ve read, he uses Adwords to guide traffic to his site where he’ll have a form in which the person enters his/her email address. Then, after submitting, it redirects that person to his email marketing site to capture certain info to decide whether or not it’s a good lead to call or not....info such as: property square footage, how much the person owes, and contact info. I created all that and started using AdWords the last few days. I know it’s only been a few days, but how long should I expect to get a actual lead or how many? More so, I was just wondering whether anybody had any advice on this or not. I’m always looking to improve. Thanks.

@Gabe Zigo Google Ads is my favorite online marketing strategy for motivated seller leads. As far as how quickly you start generating it should happen very soon. For most of my clients it’s within the first few days.

I know your post is a bit older so I’m curious to know how things went.