Door Knocking With Bill Cook???

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Anyone have any experience with this guy? Apparently he is God's-gift to closing deals by going door-to-door and making offers. My local REIA is offering a course where you go around with him and see how he does it, it's an all day thing. Looking to see if he is worth the price of entry ($300).

Bill Cook is from Bartow County Ga. I've been to his REIA meetings several times. He's been doing this for years and has had some success at finding deals by knocking on doors. He's bought boats and no telling what else just by engaging with homeowners. I'd think the value you would gain is to have someone show you how to break the ice and knock on doors. He had someone speak at the REIA meeting that had spent the day with him and they said it was a positive experience even though they didn't buy a house.

Not everyone has the personality to pull off what he does.  He had said his Mother was one of the first door to door vacuum cleaner sales ladies.  If that's the case knocking on doors is in his genes.  I sold door to door and hated every minute of it. 

Is he offering to do this in Ohio or in Cartersville?