Finding wholesaling markets by zip code

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Hey Folks

On almost every wholesaling introduction, folks are taught to use listsource to find zip codes with the highest concentration of cash sales--and target those zip codes for direct mail. But, the population of each zip code varies significantly. In a large city, I'm guessing zip codes are more equal in size. But, in more rural areas (like where I live!) , there is a VERY significant difference in population size in each zip code. So, of course the zip codes with the largest populations are going to have the most cash sales. Thoughts????

Hey @Jeff Macdonald ! Since you are in a smaller population area, why don't you mail to both the larger population zipcodes and the smaller population zipcodes? Once you have a mailing budget to work with you can customize your mailing list to accommodate the number of mailers you can send on a consistent basis. You can narrow down the list of addresses by selecting the tax assessment value of the property or the number of bedrooms, size of the house and even equity left on the loan (if there's a mortgage). Almost all listing services will provide a way to filter down your list using all kinds of criteria.

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