Hey everyone! Last week I began my campaign. I have sent out 600 yellow letters so far my hand is dead lol I have a solid list of 1,000 absentee 50%+ equity owners in my target zip codes, I will contact them consistently once a month for 6-9 months. I’m also going to add a list of 400 new motivated sellers every month to continue to contact monthly & build my leads up. So direct mail is going well and I have a follow up plan. Question... After D4D (or in my case my bird dogs are bringing me addresses... I hired 2 guys from Uber to send me vacant ugly or FSBO properties and I’m offering them $500 commission for any I buy or close on). So they’re sending me leads, but what is the best way you all are finding to locate the property owners name # & address? Are you skip tracing using REI Skip or another software? I really want the phone #s I’m way better on the phone and want to jump right into building a relationship. I have tons of addresses here but no owner contact to add to my lists? Thanks so much for the help.