Wholesaling Phone Apps

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My wife is starting to drive for dollars when I'm at work during the day, and she was looking for a good app that can help her with logging properties, addresses, and possibly adding pictures of the properties to keep everything organized. Does anyone have any input or apps that they use that could help us out?


I'm using Deal Machine. You locate a property and can take a picture of it, add it to your 'Portfolio', and then pick a Yellow Letter backend that will send a mailer to that property as well as get them on a reoccurring postcard mailer.

Hey Dylan, a super simple and effective technique that I found is using Zillow and then just saving the home as you drive past it. This allows you to database the lead fairly easy, gives you all of Zillow's data right off the bat, and you can view all your saved homes in map view and see what areas you have already hit. It does only allow you to save 500 homes but you can create multiple accounts fairly easily.