Lead List Filtering Question

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For those of you who get lists from public sources, free or paid, they obviously are bloated with non qualifying leads that need to be trimmed like banks, LLC's, recently sold, etc.

Beyond this I'm not 100% sure what I should be keeping on the list and what I should be eliminating.

What are some traits you guys look for when filtering you lead lists?


How long they've owned the home, if they bought 1 or 2 years ago they probably don't want to sell.

depending on your strategy you can also do owner occupied or not owner occupied.  A lot of it is what strategy you want to focus on, there are ways to find the distressed owners but you may be willing to wait for someone who will sell in 3 months.

Hey Tevin, a lot of people included search criteria such as equity, mortgage type, last sale of the home, absentee owners, and age of owner. You normally want 50-100% equity in the home, a home that has sold within the past 15-20 years, absentee owners because it is difficult to manage from far away, and an older owner because they are often more motivated and looking to get out of real estate. I haven't done a lot of list sourcing but these are some of the common criteria that people search.