Have Questions on Wholesale.

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I need some guidance. I have a HELOC to purchase an investment and want to know what is better:

Only put down 20% on a TK property and then do conventional after that. If I did that, I could buy 3-4 properties, but then I would most likely be over leveraged with my HELOC loan and conventional loan


Just Buy the property outright (50-60k) and then try to refinance with a bank to free up money back on my HELOC.

Thoughts?. I’m a newbie.

Thanks! Love this website.

Refinancing after a year or two will allow you to snowball your portfolio much faster and obviously the more leverage you have the faster and riskier your growth will end up being. If you can buy great deals though, say 70-80% of true market value you can have a safety gap between your debt and equity. I think a huge thing when your just getting started is cash flow, if these deals cash flow it will create an even greater safety gap for if the market down turned.