wholesaling prop with tenants

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Hello Bp, 

I am a newer wholesaler in Greensburg, Pa. I came across an absent house so I called the owner. She wasn't interested in selling the property but had another not too far away that she has been looking to sell. It seems like a good deal, house has had multiple updates recently, in a good area, no mortgages, but the only problem I have are tenants in the property. Is it possible to wholesale a property to an end buyer with tenants already in the property? How should the contract be structured? Any advice is helpful. Thank you

@Sean Dean few options do the current tenants want to stay? are they prepared for possible rents being raised? you really don't provide much info but in a nutshell it is possible to structure a contract for tenants to stay or not. all depends on the end game which you never mentioned. Good Luck


I would be interested in reviewing this deal as an end buyer when you figure out how to structure the contract. Feel free to contact me.


@Darron Washington Yes the would be staying. She had told me that they've been good tenants, just that she's looking for someone to take over the lease. My plan is to wholesale the property, getting it under contract then assigning to an end buyer. @Jeff Nail Ill be sure to let you know how this shakes out!