tax delinquency lists

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My name is Gabriel and i'm fairly new to wholesaling. I have a small buyers list (which I also need to ask how do I help that grow quickly) and I have a couple leads i am currently working on. My main question however is regarding Tax Delinquency houses. How many have done this in the phoenix area and how long does it take for a house to be completely lost and thrown into auction? Also, where can I find a list on these houses? I tried looking on the county website but I cannot find anything. 

I'd really appreciate the help, thanks!

@Gabriel Soto I just did this today and got lists of them, it’s through country treasurers office. I dont kbow the process yet in wholesaling them, any suggetions from out here? I would appreciate it. Gabriell Email or call them county treasurers office. Hope this helps. Janice