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Hello to all local and fellow RE investors! I have been licensed for a few years but have always been dipping my toes in the Investment world. For the past few months i have turned my direction towards wholesaling properties rather than strictly being a part of the fix/flip side of things. I have gotten some traction with speaking to potential sellers and working with local and even out of state property investors. Currently looking to connect with a fellow wholesaler who has had a good amount of experience with this side of things and who may be able to serve as a mentor. Please feel free to reach out as I am looking to absorb it all and more. Plus....teamwork makes the dream work!!

@Christopher Azzi , I’ve been exposed to the wholesale niche for some time and would get bites here and there but nothing substantial. I worked with a mentor for a few months and he gave me some tools to work with. I created an Excel spreadsheet that helps determine the max you should offer on a wholesale deal.