Ringless voice message and absentee owners

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After skip tracing propertIes my strategy to attack inherited and absentee owners list was going to use ringless voice messaging to leave messages in batches telling them I’m interested in there house. Usually cold calling I would say something like “Im interested in your property at XYZ street My issue: If I’m leaving 100 messages at a time how should i word the voice message so that they understand it’s their “other” property I’m interested in?

@Kevin Olano Yes we've actually been focusing on batch skip tracing our list and sending out voicemails through Slybroadcast rather than direct mail.  The response has been great, much better than DM and it's where all my focus is now.  We are working on quite a few good leads that came from RVM as a first touch.  The key is to leave a vague message like @Chris Burnett mentioned above.  Hope that helps!

I have personally successfully sent out RVM's and gotten responses from people in pre-foreclosure. In my message, I audibly flipped through papers (seriously put them right next to my mic) acting like I was trying to find their specific info and then said "well anyways" and then said that I was looking to purchase homes in their area and asked them to call back if they were interested.