Driving for dollars, collected addresses, what to do next ?

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Hello to everyone who views and replies to this post. I've recently been very active in my newly real estate investing journey, and I've came across a bump... I drove around neighborhoods (driving for dollars) and collected a good amount of addresses. the problem i am having is finding the owner of these properties. What source/site is best used for finding owners of properties ? I have heard of skip tracing and some good sites for that but when going to those sites, they need you to upload list with the owners name and information already on it, i need to find a good source to find who is ever has ownership of a certain property.. any suggestions would be great, thank you.

@Raheem Mentor I haven't done too much of this yet but with my little experience and with what I've heard, I think you can just go to the county website and look up the address. Most counties will give you the name of the owner but you will most likely have to do other research, such as skip tracing, to get their address if it is absentee owned. I hope this helps!

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Hi @Raheem Mentor

If you do a search on Peoria County Property Tax you should come to some type of portal where you can put addresses in. Often times you can find out that the person on tax records has a different address from the residence. If so, that starts your journey to finding them.

Good Luck

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@Raheem Mentor Yeah what the guys said above is definitely true, your first step should be going through your counties property appraiser/assesor website and they should have all the owners' names and owners' home addresses. People normally get into skip tracing if they want to do cold calls instead of direct mail or if they are having a hard time reaching the owner with mailers.

@Eric Adobo Hey Eric I would say it is all a numbers game and it will take some capital upfront before driving for dollars will start paying off monetarily. One benefit of driving for dollars though is the knowledge you gain from learning your neighborhoods and the condition they are in!


I did a google search for peoria county appraisal district. This is not the appraisal district, but it works. There is usually the tax assessor office and the appraisal office, sometimes they are the same office.

When you find the owners are listed at a different address, go visit them. Ask them if they are looking to sell that old house on XX street. If they are not interested, leave a card and ask them to let you know if they change their mind.

Planting seeds is what you are doing. Planting them all over the county. You may get a deal or two quick, but most likely it will take 6 months to a year before someone decides they want to sell.

Keep planting seeds everyday!!!

@Raheem Mentor the link below will become your new best friend. I spend more time on here than I'd like to admit. Little tip to finding proper owners... a lot of owners own the property in an LLC but then use their primary address for having the tax bill mailed to. So when you find a property owned by an LLC take the mailing address and search that in the GIS, wallah you have the property owner. Happy hunting!


The responders are correct, you're best off collecting names from county assessor sites. After you have owner's first, last, address, city, and state in their own columns you'll be ready to run a batch skip trace and get everyone's numbers.

There is an app called Land Glide that if you put in the address of the property it will give you the owners name and home/billing address.  It however does cost like $8 or $9 dollars a month.  I use it all the time.  I found out about it watching a podcast and they had the guy who designed it on for an interview.  But I don't know how quickly the info is updated.

@Raheem Mentor google @Erik Stark driving for dollars. He has step by step material. Its all about the follow through. Just keep doing it. Stay organized with an excel spread sheet. Pull the house information from your local appraisal site, and mail them!  Don't worry... ACT!!! Keep growing your "farm" area and keep mailing. The calls will start coming in. Just don't give up.