Properties that are already listed

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Originally posted by @Darrius Bowens :

If a property is already listed with a realtor, can it still be wholesaled?

 No, it can't. 

1) You don't have a principal interest in it.  2) If you found a buyer without having a principal interest in the property you couldn't close anyway - you would be committing fraud 3) The real estate agent would have to have their fees paid if they agreed to this type of thing, and most states prohibit you interfering, they could lose their license and be fined, you'd still have to pay the commission to make things work even if the agent was willing to risk it. 4) It is highly unlikely a reputable real estate agent would allow you to cut in on their deal.

Take a look at this post to get an idea of why

Im pretty new to wholesaling - however from listening to some top dogs in the field i got the same advice a few times which was "talk to realtors and tell them they can double-dip with you, meaning they get both ends of the commission so try getting their pocket deals"

So i would research what Mike M just told you if its crucial.. for me I just find it hard to find good deals with realtors and prefer to find sellers directly.