Contractors in Bel Air, MD

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Does anyone know of any contractors either in Bel Air, MD or the Harford County MD area that are willing to do walkthroughs and provide estimates? In my experiences so far, I have been told by contractors that I need to get the home inspected first and then contact a contractor. Is that right? I was under the impression that contractors do walkthroughs and provide estimates too.

Sure Contractors *can* do estimates/walkthroughs, but if they don't think its going to lead to business why would they?  I've never had a contractor tell me the home has to be inserted first, but maybe that is just their way of seeing if your serious (i.e., if you're not willing to pay for a home inspection then they might assume you're not serious about the home, and therefore they may not invest their time doing a walk through with you).

Its definitely harder to get estimates/opinions from contractors without having a relationship with them first, and its hard to develop that relationship without doing business with them.  I know its a chicken-and-egg problem, but its one that all new investors go through.  Have you considered partnering with an experienced investor in Bel Air who already has relationships established?