Wholesaling Is anyone familiar with Real Estate Sales LLC

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Sorry, I've never heard of it.  Be careful with the companies that supply you leads and mentoring.  I'm not saying that they are bad.  However, it could cost you thousands of dollars for info that you can obtain here on BP and You Tube.

Your on the right track but if they are providing what they claim as a Newbie in this endeavor it may be worth the expense but I don’t know their track record

@Ned Carey Ned I just returned from a wonderful week at Tanglewood ie BSO classical music The company that I spoke about claims that they have a proprietary Leads the Software was developed by a former Microsoft guru. Hence I am trying to confirm this via Bigger Pockets My back ground is sales Hiring training motivating etc Able to retire a while back But am bored hence my interest in Wholesaling ANY IDEAS on LEADS ETC Thank Bruce

@Bruce Troob while they may have proprietary software they don't have any secret methods. Real estate is an old business and it has all been done before. There are always new GURUs coming out with some new secret that is just an old method with a new name. 

I seriously doubt they have any secret sources for leads either. They are pulling from the same original sources everyone else is. I am not familiar with them specifically but you should know there are many companies out there with software that crunches data to give you leads. Do they have value - Sure.  But like anything I am sure some are better value than others. I would check more than one out before jumping in.

PS I see this is your first thread - Welcome to BP.

@Ned Carey Thanks Ned my intuition is telling me not to invest $10k-$15k for a guru taking 20%-50% & a proprietary lead program I will begin a search for alternatives is there a method to search specific companies with Bigger Pockets? Bruce
@Ned Carey Deal if you can provide 3-5 pre qualified apps per WEEK with motivated sellers who have 100% equity in theIr House. I will also pay for the mailings wIth In a one Hour drIve That Is theIr pItch HENCE If It Is legit It Is worth pursuIng
@Bruce Troob Hello Bruce, I’m a current client with Real Estate Sales, LLC (Flip Cheap Houses). I bought in at 10k and started October 2, 2017. The leads are real and the coaching is real. Like it has already been stated in this thread, there’s nothing new under the sun, it’s still hard work and determination that’s going to get you what you want. I closed 3 deals in the first 6 months - not wildly successful, but note worthy. I was worked really hard for the few months and made just under 30k on my first deal - we couldn’t believe it! My next 2 deals were for 10k and 8k. These profits were split with my coach. Some people may not need an offIcial “coach”, but most will need people around them for support when you’re getting things started. I started another business and have been focused on that for the last 5 months, but I’m back on my letters this week! Reach out if you’d like more information.

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I'm interested in wholesaling in Dallas, Tx and was wondering if there were any laws that I should be aware of. Also, if anyone has a purchase & sales agreement I could reference. Highly motivated former Agent!!! Thanks