Owner wants proof We are real and not scammers

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I’ve been calling, driving for dollars  and sending letters like crazy. This week and I have a few motivated sellers. They live out of town so they’re scared I’m a scammer. I tried building rapport with them over the phone. But I just don’t have a clue how to make them feel a little more at ease. Any suggestions?

A proof of funds letter goes a long ways. It shows that you are serious about buying their property. But if you are going to lead them on like you actually want to buy their house but really just want to lock it up in hopes of finding a buyer, then they have reason to doubt you.

Direct them to the county website that has public records of the houses you've purchased in the past. Show them proof of funds or a pre approval letter from a hard money lender, or anything that shows you have the ability to close. 

If you have none of these things and you're not telling them your true intentions for their house, unfortunately they're right, you are a scammer. You'll just need to find a more trusting seller. 

Thank you, I was able to show them what we owned, and my company information. We spoke for a while. They’re open to terms or just selling it. We have no problem paying for it so funds isn’t the issue. We spoke for a while. They just want the payoff amount for it. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to structure the deal because they are open to lease option or subject to because they are just trying to get rid of the headache.