How do you wholesale a home in perfect condition

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I have found an awesome home I want to get under contract but i dont know how to get my numbers to work since the seller doesnt want to budge much. The home is valued at 140,000 and they had it listed at 139k. I have gotten it down to 128k. But i dont know how to proceed since there is not much room to negotiate as there are no repairs needed. Help! Im stuck! What do i do next???
@Shernise Harrison they will have to have some type of motivation if you want to negotiate any more off of the price. If they want to get rid of it and close quickly you could see if they will reduce the price. If they will do seller financing you might be able to make the numbers work. Maybe they want some money to move so you could put a contract together to have escrow release some of the money to them a week or so before closing so they have some money to move. Otherwise if they have no motivation then it's gonna be hard to negotiate the price down anymore. Feel free to send me a PM if you have any other questions or need anymore help.
@Ryan Substad thank you so much for your fast response. They have very little motivation. Basically the seller bought the property for 65k and told me that she is a former agent. She wanted to run her numbers before she budgged any and she came up with 128k. It was basically just a fix and flip on her part. She doesnt live at the home. However, the home is in a pretty rough area of Houston.

So she bought the house and flipped it and is now trying to sell it? If that's the case then it's probably going to be hard to talk her down anymore. If there is no motivation then I would move on and try to find another property and follow up with her in a month or two and see if she still has it and might be willing to negotiate more if her situation changes.

Are you trying to do what was already done? Wholesale a house that's ready for retail sale, with a seller who does not have any problem that would serve as motivation for a low-price sale? The house may be awesome, but that's why there's no room here: It's a house at ARV because it's already A the R.

You simply have to realize when there is no “deal” to be had.  That’s the reason car wholesalers don’t go looking to buy from a retail car dealer lot....