Websites for investor leads information

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I just finished using PropertyRadar and it’s was awesome. It had Vacant houses , pre foreclosures, comps, estimate mortgages but it’s only for California area . I want to know if there is any website available that puts out close to that information for the remaining states? If there is what’s the site and pricing?

Hi @Rafael Campos , thanks so much for the kind words, I just want to clarify that we are in 5 states - AZ, CA, NV, OR & WA. We're working hard to be available in the rest and getting closer every day. Until then I'd say the closest comparable product would be the combination of Corelogic's Listsource and RealQuest products. Hope that helps.

@Sean OToole   PR will rule the information world once it goes nationwide.. the folks on the EAST coast have to do this work with 2 hands tied behind their backs.  once you launch they are going to be a whole new ball game for them.