Can’t find and heir for a abandon home.

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Not if you want an insurable title. If you can buy it for 10-20% if it’s value and have a high tolerance for risk, go for it.  

Option 2 - Look up adverse possession laws in your state. In some states you can claim abandoned real estate after taking possession of it for a period of time, usually 7-20 years. 

You could use both. Get an affidavit of heir ship and a deed from a relative and record it. I believe that gives you “color of title” which shortens the period of adverse possession from 20 years to 7. 

I’m not an attorney and have never done either of these things. This a blend of a few things I’ve been told and learned in classes. Good luck. 

As an aside, if you find an heir they aren't likely to sell it cheap. I've bought hundreds of properties and not one has been an abandoned property where I've looked up an owner/heir. I tried this dozens of times when I first started. When I found an owner they were usually unreasonable. If they were an heir, they usually ended up listing it on the MLS rather than sell it to me for half of the value.

so you've checked probate records as well as obituaries on this deceased person? Usually there's at least a nephew or niece somewhere who would inherit the property. This person has no parents, children, grandchildren, brothers or sisters? No nieces, nephews or cousins?

For anyone to sign a Valid purchase agreement or Deed, they have to have the laegal ability to do so.....which will likely require some type of probate proceeding.....just being a relative doesn’t give you the power to sell.