When to discuss price

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Do you discuss what the seller wants for the property over the phone? or do you like to meet them first before talking numbers i see pros and cons in both choices which method do you prefer and why? Thanks

I prefer to discuss price at the end of the first initial contact. You can see what exactly they're looking for, and if it's something you're even close on after you get all other details (condition, occupancy status, etc.). If you don't ask, you might be interested, and then go out there and realize their asking price is 3x what you want to pay, or you might make an offer, and it might insult them because you didn't realize where they were at on price. So I think it's good to talk price as soon as possible. 

Another big thing is really focus on building rapport with the seller before discussing price. It’ll make it a lot smoother and more efficient for both of your guys time. Try to meet in person most of the time because naturally humans put more trust into someone they physically see, body language and a lot easier to build rapport with.