Where to post my recent deal ??

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I just recently got my first home under contract. I am really excited after running the numbers & knowing that this is a great deal ! Only thing , I don’t have any cash buyers & need some advice on where to “POST” my deal in a attempt to gain some attention & hopefully a cash buyer . ALL SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED ! Thanks in Advance .
@King Johnson Start with here as in Biggerpockets if your a pro member. Also Craigslist

Hey @King Johnson ,

You can post deals on the Marketplace section of  Biggerpockets .

Do an online search for "We Buy Houses Neptune, NJ", "Sell House Fast Cash Neptune, NJ" and contact the first 4 pages for each of those results. Those are wholesalers trying to buy (your) inventory.

Do you have a website? If so, I'd post there. Also, here in Market Place section, Facebook, Craigslist, any REI website for local investors. Good luck!

Are you a member of the local REIA? They usually have a website.

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