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I'm looking to understand the math behind wholesaling. I want to add it to my offer packages and as an exit strategy for selling. Looking to work with someone in NJ who has experience with it. Thank you.

Hi Asher, 

I'm new here but I'd bet the vets would tell you this same thing - get active networking with investors in your area.

Through BP, REIAs/real estate meetups, even reaching out to wholesalers in your area you find on Google you'll find plenty of people who may be able to use your enthusiasm and drive, and in exchange would be willing to show you the ropes.

However, you NEED to provide value to them. Somehow - otherwise why would they want to work with you and offer value to you? It may be easy or hard to provide value to different individuals, but if you put yourself out there, eventually you'll start to build a relationship with someone who could become a mentor.

The relationship part is rather important, and is why asking for a mentor on a BP forum likely won't do you any good.

Of course, I am sure that everything you need to know is on this site, or elsewhere on the internet as well.

Good luck!