How do you feel about Probate leads?

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@Jose Castillo I'm in Los Angeles, so the info is not free for me to see online at the courthouse website or at the courthouse.

For the areas I am interested in buying in, I get the local newspapers from those areas, those real small newspapers about 8-12 pages for the whole paper. They have public notices in the back of them that list the probate notices. These papers can be found online too. I run the deceased name thru a title search, then look up the property on google maps. if I am interested in the property, I skip trace the PR or heir named in the petition,  then add those to a leads database. If they already have letters (permission to sell) I contact them. 

Recently met another wholesaler in my area who told me about a local company he likes for paid leads, will try them next month. 

Sometimes I go to the courthouse for 4-6hrs, sit there and pull them. I do the same thing as above, but take my laptop to the courthouse and do everything there. It's tedious but has worked for me.

Also, driving for dollars has worked. wasn't looking necessarily for probate, but most boarded up houses or vacant houses I've found have been in probate. 

How do you get yours?