Probate leads In Long Island, NY

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I’ve just started wholesale real estate, and I’m having trouble getting information on probate property. I went down to my counties (Suffolk) probate court, they sent me over to the records department, I asked for probate records and they told me I can’t get them unless I have a name and or record number. I Found a company that will send me a month worth of records for $175 per month. But I’m sure they got their information from the courts, how do I go about doing the same? Is it how I’m asking for the records?

Hi there. Some courts make it very difficult to obtain probate records. You might have to search obituaries to get names and then try that way. At US Probate Leads, we have developed a proprietary process to gather probate records from most counties in the country. It might be worth your time to purchase the leads so you can focus on contacting executors.