3rd Appt = First agreement!! Now what?

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Hello again BP! Like always, thank all of you who respond, I value your time and input. And it makes it much easier to learn, fail and grow. I've been submersed in this new world of wholesaling for 3 weeks now, and it's the first thing I've genuinely been excited about in the "career" part of my adult lIfe. With that said, after countless tax lien properties, hand written Zillow profiles; 1500 wrong phone numbers (a few right ones) an angry old man named willie that hung up on me. Also cant forget the man named Merlyn that almost lost his gold hooped earring while flailing his short arms due to a remarkably low offer that I nervously spoke aloud In his dimly lit floorless living room. The 10 or so absentee owners that are flying around space in a tesla; and 1 of my son's Ford Mustang notebooks. I say that to say this, WE MADE IT!!! I can say I've got a deal. Not a done deal, but an agreement to purchase a property. I'm anxious, excited, terrified but most importantly I'm determined. Determined to change the constraints of my financial barriers, enthralled by doing my absolute best to solve the problems put in front of me by these wonderful homeowners (except for Willie, He was NOT so wonderful) that need relief, that need a "pass go collect 200 dollars" card. Listen to them, be mindful of their situation, and try to offer a solution. I'll be honest, I'm clearly excited, and I also tend to romanticize my thoughts. That has left me with no segway into the actual reason I'm writing this. Remember that part up there 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 about the agreement? Well, now what? I have an agreement for 33k, the ARV is 115 and my repair sheet comes out to 30-35. I'm thinking of marketing this property for 42.5 OBO. What do you guys think as far as getting it out to the public? CL, FB Groups, Foreclosure auctions at the court weekly, and maybe bandit type signs with the ARV along with asking price? Any advice for marketing a property to buyers with no established buyers list will and is greatly greatly appreciated. Hope you all enjoyed my 3 week journey so far! Keep grinding, keep calling, and keep smiling. And I hope to see all of you on the other side! Positive vibes and thanks again for your time. Regards.

In today's competitive market, the best way to sell it is to list it. Not all MLSs allow you to list a house for sale as contract owner, but some do. Talk to an agent and ask if contract owner is a disclosure that is an option in their MLS. It is best to talk to an agent who is experienced in working with investors. Your REIA will be a good source for one if you don't know one. Don't be surprised if the broker wants to see a copy of your contract to ensure it is valid. Any buyer will have to agree to the terms so you will have to share it eventually.

Congrats!  You are half way there!