Pulling Probate info???

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Hi guys. Can I please have some insight on pulling Probate leads in GA (Fulton County). I have pulled info for the executor and administrators. However I was under the impression that all of the deceased owned real estate property, in which I found was not the case. How can i find out if the leads I have captured willed or a property to someone. An also can some one please explain to me the right way to do this??? Thanks in advance an good luck on all your endeavors!

@Bernard Young You'll generally find that only about 65% of probate filings actually reflect decedents that owned real property. It's been a while since I sourced probate lead data from Fulton County. But if you are sourcing fresh filings and are able to obtain the executor information you should also be looking at the decedent's last address. Once you have it you can enter the address into the Fulton County Assessors website to determine if they show it under the decedent's name. There is some lag time in their updating current property transfers but I think it would get you off to a good start. It's probably not as accurate as a current owner property search on the Superior Court Clerks website but they even have about a week lag time in updating the Fulton county property transfers. As a side note I would see if the court still allows you to take pictures of the documents. I used to take advantage of this, taking hundreds of pics in a day and then going over them later. A huge time saver.  Hope that helps.

@Bernard Young In some cases the executor will be devised the property, but not always. His/her role is administrating the estate. Some executors don't receive anything from the estate. Others inherit the entire estate. To determine exactly which party or parties would be receiving the real property you would need to look at the will. Hope that helps.