Good Idea or Bad Idea: Cold Calling on a Holiday

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Do you think it's a bad idea or a good idea to cold call on a holiday?

Good Idea Points: 

-Better chance they will pick up

- More free time to speak

Bad Idea Points:

-They may be with family 

I will be cold calling to see if they want to sell their property.

Would your answer change depending on the holiday?

@Chadwick Cadet your both good & bad points are valid. It depends on the homeowner how they feel on a holiday or any other day for that matter. It depends on their financial, family and personal circumstances. There are folks who are alone on holidays and its best time to talk to them. I would say call, but be courteous - “something like sorry to bother you on a holiday...”

Walgreens is open 365, errrrday. Why, because people need their medicine or something else to solve their problem. Often times, not getting their medicine can lead to serious issues. A person who needs to sell a house because they have a real serious problem that needs resolving is likely open everyday as well :)