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Hello all my name is Alex I live in a small town in South Carolina called Sumter, I aspire to do great things with my life. I’m only 18 and I’m learning as much as I can about wholesaling because I’m really young and have little to no money or credit. I’ve been watching videos on Max Maxwell and Mark Whitten trying to soak up as much as I can on everything they say, when I don’t understand something I watch it multiple times until I understand it. I plan to go out and actually use all this knowledge I acquired in a real deal but I fear most people wouldn’t take me seriously because I’m so young and they wouldn’t trust me enough to put their property under contract with me. How could I go about gaining enough trust from someone for them to allow me to put their home under contract. Any advice or feed back would help 😄

I would suggest to go and take one of the free classes to get your real estate licence . You will gain MORE knowledge and be in an environment with people experienced in real estate . PLUS once you get the license you have more credibility .  AND as you learn you will make more $$$$. 

You say you live in a small town , word travels fast , when you have just 1 wholesale deal go south your name will be no good . 

It is fantastic that you have discovered the real estate investing space at your age. You have some assumptions that I disagree on..first yeah someone might be hesitant to let you get their property under contract but thinking differently about it, your role is also problem solver. If you manage to find someone in circumstances that fit your criteria, and you can bring their solution, that changes everything. I would suggest you go to local real estate investor meetings, in my experience I have seen young people your age go to the local ones i attend and they are very welcomed and people are excited to educate them. These type of meetings are the biggest resources for getting involved locally, you can discover cash buyers there and other people in different roles of the industry, fantastic people to know and network with! They can also hopefully provide you with documents they use. So go to local meetings, be a familiar face and if you don't have local meetings, start one.. that could also show people you're taking initiative and taking it seriously at your age.

Finally, look into the books you can find here on BP by J Scott about flipping houses, contains all the knowledge and numbers you would be expected to know as wholesaler.

It isn't so much how young you look.  It's how you come across.  If an owner gets the impression that you are inexperienced and don't know what you're doing.  They probably will run and hide from you.  However, if you come across as confident.  That's a different story.  I understand that it can be a challenge to appear confident when you're not.  Just do the best you can.  If this deal doesn't happen.  The experience that you gain from it will help you on the next deal.  

Another route to take is to partner up with an experienced investor.

@Alex Zaragoza that’s great you are starting so young. Keep educating yourself and you will gain the confidence. I’m sure if you look Columbia has a reia group. Look for a sc thread on bp. I’ve talk to some Columbia investors on here. Good luck. You will do great things. 

Thank you all for your support and advice I will continue to work on bettering myself in this kinda buisness cause I know it is something I wanna do I greatly appreciate everyone’s input 😁

I own multi-family property in Sumter. It's a good rental market. You could join a REIA in Columbia to get some more knowledge (Midlands REIA seems quite active). I also agree with the suggestion to get licensed - a great way to build more knowledge, and credibility.

Happy to chat if you have.