Recommendations for a new Phoenix wholesaler

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Hey I’m new to the Phoenix market, I’m not afraid that it’s competitive but I’d just like recommendations on finding buyers, and unusual ways of locating deals, already heard of d4d, knocking, direct mail and cold calling.

Hi Riley. I'm new to Wholesale in the Dallas area. I'm assuming you meant Sellers. But becoming a Pro at Marketing seems to be #1. You could also try Craigslist by finding HFSBO and reach out to them. You can place Facebook ads that will target certain areas and Sellers for you. I'd also suggest doing a Google search to find other options that might interest you. 

If you did mean Buyers, I'd suggest getting a website, reach out to Realtors so they can place the property on MLS, etc.

@Riley Neilson -- there are many wholesalers here in Phoenix - usually a google search will do the trick - and there are meet up groups and groups on here too.   When you are looking for buyers - @Yolanda Eiland is right.  Here is where having a good Realtor on your team will help you out.  You want to ensure they have resources to list your property so that you sell fast, and not eat all your profit.  Many investors think they are saving money by not using a Realtor to sell -- usually it turns out the exact opposite.   Best of luck - I would love to connect and do business in the future.  Feel free to reach out if there is anything I can help you with.

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Debra Thomson, RN     AZ Realtor Keller Williams Northeast Realty SA#6792390000

@Riley Neilson --  All Realtors negotiate our fees - everything is negotiable - we want a win/win situation for everyone involved.  Yes, some are just out to make money -- some of us have a long history of helping others, and have brought it into the real estate world.  That is something we could certainly discuss.   Also - remember its during the selling process that would would incur a fee - the buying process you do not, because the other seller incurs that.

With that said - i will connect with you on here and we can set up a time to meet.

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Debra Thomson, RN AZ Realtor Keller Williams Northeast Realty SA#6792390000