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Hello fellow investors I recently heard a podcast from BiggerPockets and investor was saying her and her husband opened up a business called Lead Propeller for getting more deal prospects to there wholesale/flipping business. I BiggerPockets gives a discount for using it. But I’m wondering who used the site and is it just like they said , the site does what it supposed to do for $49 a month . My day job just cut my pay , my marketing funds was cut and struggling to keep my wholesale business a float so I have to play it smart on what I spend my money on. Any feedback thanks BP Commuity

Hello, @Chris Harvey .  I'm the founder and CEO of LeadPropeller.  You might be expecting me to say that you definitely should get it...but I'm not going to.  

Here's why:

Melissa and I had a limited budget for a long time during our start in this business.  We did what we could with our time because we had a little more of that than we had money.  We focused on guerrilla marketing tactics like:

  • putting up bandit signs - signs that you nail to utility poles (please check with your city because you may have to get a permit for these or not be able to use them at all if illegal where you are)
  • driving for dollars - driving neighborhoods looking for vacant houses, researching who the owner is on the county tax assessor's website, and mailing them a posting asking if they'd like to sell the house
  • flyers - We'd even print out flyers that said "WE BUY HOUSE" really big with pull off tabs at the bottom with our name and phone number.  We'd post these at laundromats in the areas we wanted to buy in

Be willing to do what others are not.

These methods generated our deals as we built momentum and built a war chest of marketing money to expand into billboards, website, etc.  

Websites are great as a long term strategy as it takes time to rank your website (usually about 10 to 12 months in a typical city).  If you have the money to spend, you can generate leads quickly with Google Ads and Facebook Ads.  

Of course, we absolutely love what our website does for our business but we understand it takes time/money to get the most out of them.  If you're on a limited budget, it's not what I'd start with.

Makes plans to incorporate one as soon as you have steady lead/deal flow into your business. 

I have looked into Lead Propeller and another company similar to Lead Propeller, and have decided to move forward with Lead Propeller.  I am looking for the promotional code they offer to Bigger Pockets members when signing up for a platform.  Does anyone know what this is or how I find it?  Thanks in advance!! 

Hey Doug!  

If you click on your BiggerPockets profile dropdown at the top left and select 'Member Perks', you'll find it on the second page (midway down).

Great to see you've decided to join LeadPropeller!

@Paul Bowers   Great question!

Just like Carrot, our sites are setup with SEO and Conversions in mind.  The way the websites convert is very important.  As active investors ourselves, we've spent years personally working with motivated sellers.  We know how they think and what they're looking for.  We know how important it is to make contact as quickly as possible, especially on the internet.  You don't want your website visitor hitting the back button and going to the next website.   This is why we incorporated SMS notifications so that you know immediately when your website form has been submitted.

We have built in tools to make it super simple to get your site up and running. You can get your domain and emails through us during signup. The content is ready to go. All you have to do is choose a template and fill out a little information that get's populated throughout your website. We also have a simple website editor so you can make changes yourself. If you'd like custom work done, we offer that as well. 

We also have in-house services for additional SEO, Facebook marketing, and Google Ads.   

So, we both offer search engine optimized/high converting websites.  How we are different is that we are active investors that use our own product.  We also provide have the paid traffic services in house.  My brother-in-law actually runs that department.  He manages our accounts and those of some of the top investors in the country.

As far as weaknesses go, I'd say we haven't been as active in marketing everything we do at LeadPropeller.  More people have heard about what Carrot does. 

@Paul Bowers I suppose you could do that.  The support staff would have to upload the files for you after you modify them.  The only issue there would be that the modifications will make it so that you cannot use the built in editor for those pages.  

Lead propeller has been very solid to work with over the last few years... very responsive in the support section.

You can do a great deal of customizing with the site... and it really complements the other marketing you would do in order to build a brand overtime.

@Chris Harvey Leadpropeller is absolute garbage. I purchased their Google AdWords program for $997 and in 2 weeks they spent over $1300 of my money. I didn’t get a single call or webform filled in that time. I basically flushed $2300+ dollars down the toilet.

@Collin Tilbe, I want to personally apologize for your experience with the Adwords service.  That is definitely not typical.  I was informed there was an issue with tracking leads on your account that I'm told you were informed of that had been corrected.  This still should not have happened.

In some markets, PPC generates leads very quickly.  In others, it takes dialing in the account.  With motivated seller keywords, we're not getting a ton of clicks typically. But, it only takes one good lead to become one great deal that produces a big return on investment.  The issue here is that sometimes we have to make changes to produce those leads in different markets and we have to wait for enough data to know whether the changes will produce the results consistently.  I have full faith that had we had more time with the account, we would have proven our services to be well worth the investment.

I'm sorry that we didn't meet expectations in this case.   

We use LeadPropeller and they do a great job for us. We looked into competitors and Danny actually owns and operates his own flipping business. I'm in a high-level mastermind with him and his wife and they are operating at a high level. One of his best lead sources are his website, you can google keywords in San Antonio and see his website everywhere, he really understands what our websites should do and how they should look from experience so that is why we went with Lead Propeller and it's worked out great! Hope that helps 

I have used lead propeller for going on 3 years, I use their PPC, Facebook and SEO services. I have only had 1 or two issues in the 3 years I have used them and their support/customer service is on point. I spend about $5k a month with them and It is worth it to me. I get 2-3 very motivated DEALS per month and I dont have to deal with 30 calls a week from post card people wanting 2 million for their double wide. With online marketing they come to you instead of you going to them. Also you cant beat $70-$80 mo for the credibility of having an extremely professional website. 

Originally posted by @Collin Tilbe :
@Chris Harvey Leadpropeller is absolute garbage. I purchased their Google AdWords program for $997 and in 2 weeks they spent over $1300 of my money. I didn’t get a single call or webform filled in that time. I basically flushed $2300+ dollars down the toilet.

 2 weeks? That's like complaining that you made 2 low ball offers and they didn't get accepted. There is cheaper avenues of marketing until you get a deal or two to pay for it but anyone that has been doing this for a while will tell you that 2 weeks is WAY to short of a time to draw a conclusion on ANY marketing. Also right now the average amount of $ to spend per lead is close to 4-5k is competitive areas, $1,300.00 isn't enough to have a relative opinion. 

We have been using LeadPropeller for several years with great success. Their website and editor makes it super easy to customize your site the way you want it while maintaining SEO. They have been managing our AdWords for almost 2 years now and that is where we have seen the best results. There will be slow months due to market factors, competitors, and change in keywords.
 PPC campaigns can be extremely complicated, frustrating, and constantly changing but having them run it ensures your website is always being advertised. The best part is their support. They are always willing to jump on the phone and help out in anyway. I highly recommend checking them out!

Yes - I started using Lead Propeller in July of 2017 when I seriously got started.  I am utilizing their SEO operation, CRM program, Web Hosing and tying that all in with managed Google Ads.  I have been incredibly impressed.  Compared to the competition, LP hits on all cylinders.  They offer the whole suite of products, where the competition has this feature or that feature or this program or that.  You would need to use two or three different companies to replace Lead Propeller. 

Their team is timely, professional and driving the market.  They are constantly improving and testing new ways to utilize your dollar.  They have tweaked my ad campaign budgets down to days and time to optimally utilize my ad spend.  I am now at the top of the page and starting to get organic leads.   I have been incredibly impressed with their system and now rely on it to increase my growth to the point I am now bringing on help to assist in the day to day operations. 

I would highly recommend Lead Propeller.  I have tried the others and hands down LP leads the way. 

Carson Olinger

Hey fellow investors. I have used LP for 2 years and have done quite well. They provide a great service and Josh who heads up the department for SEO and PPC is awesome.They are very competitive on there monthly pricing for running the services.

I couldn't be happier.

Frank J Heron
Real Options & Investments LLC

Lead Propeller - The Incompetency of their Technicians cost me tens of thousands of dollars! They updated my (their) website and Google and Google PPC tagged it as malicious and I got de-listed. Lead Propeller gave me excuses again and again for months while my business was crippled. They never did get it working and I had to move to another provider. Think twice before utilizing Lead Propeller!