In your opinion, best median to acquire motivated sellers

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distressed areas work pretty good.

fire burn outs

code violations. 

burnt out landlord

as to how to find them.

all sorts of marketing media is available.  they all work to a certain degree.. 

There are several medians to acquire motivated sellers, and normally the person or organization selling the service or program to generate motivate sellers will give you all the reasons why this is the best way, with a price tag of coarse. 

Every median I have seen and paid for to generate motivate sellers was a good source.  However, in my opinion, the best median to acquire motivated sellers, is the median you can afford to do consistently over and over and over again.

Generating motivated sellers from my experience is not a one and done thing or a whenever I need a motivated seller I will use this product or service.  You have to be using whatever median you decide on consistently every month at least to get the best results, in my opinion.

I hope this helps.  Much success.

Originally posted by @Charles Morris :
Just wanting some new perspectives and trains of thought on finding motivated sellers. Thanks in advance to all.

 Another factor to consider is how many deals you ultimately want to find. 1 every 6 months? Several or more per month? Some methods of finding deals fit better depending on how many you want to find.

@Charles Morris  there are pros and cons with them all. Someone has to be actively looking to sell their property to start looking on social media (if they are still searching after a visit with a realtor)

Mail is expensive, but can be targeted. I like @Andrew LeBaron 's comment about markets being different for the targets. In some, Absentee can be effective. In FL many absentees are second home owners as people get ready to move down for retirement. You might consider Seniors with 15+ year Ownership. These guys might be ready to downsize or move into a living situation with assistance. You can also send to Homeowners with Low Financial Stability Scores (FSS). These let you reach people before they are on the pre-foreclosure lists that other are mailing to .

A list broker can help you find targets if you decide to go the mail route.