The Deliquent tax list

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Hey BP family,

Okay, I am fairly new to the wholesaling industry and was going over the deliquent tax list and would like to know how to use it? I am trying to understand it. I see some properties on the list that has back taxes that they owe, so where I get lost is the next step. Do I make contact with those tax deliquent home owners?? Anyone who has done this before or have any info on this would be great!!! Thank you!!!

@Christopher Jenco

I'm not sure why you got a tax list if you don't know how to use and, and I'm not sure what you want to do with it.

You can contact the people on the list and see if they need to sell their property. Do you then know how to negotiate, make offers, get properties under contract, find buyers and sell?

Most of the people on this list will probably end up paying their taxes eventually, but you may find some who want to sell.

Or, are you thinking about determining which properties have gone to tax sale? That's where you can often "buy" a property for the cost of delinquent taxes, but each state has different laws on this. In my state, for example, even if you pay the taxes the owner has 2 years to come back, pay them and take the property back.

Delinquent taxes and/or tax liens may not be the place for you to start. Having a list of any kind is not actually valuable unless you know what to do with it. I suggest you learn a process first, then get a list.

Yeah definitely make contact with as many as possible, its all about how many people you can reach and working up your funnel. I think mailers are a good and affordable way to get started but you can also get phone numbers eventaully to make more direct contact! I have not personally done a mailing specific for deliquent taxes, mainly because I haven't been able to get it from my county yet, but I have heard it is a great list for motivation. Good luck!

@Karen Rittenhouse Thanks for your feedback!!!

Yes, I agree this is not my starting point.  I was inquiring about this tax list so when I get to that area of interest I would know what to do.  So I want to be prepared when that tax list shows up I will know what to do and have a plan implemented.

Lets say I had that list right now I would want to contact the homeowners before property gets sent to a tax sale. Which form of contact works best?, mailers or phone calls?? Can these homeowners still be under a mortgage?? Is there any info you can give me to reach out to the property owners that will be on that list and things to watch out for?? 

Thanks again!!!

@Wes Short Thanks for the feedback!!!

Any specific website to order mailers from?? Yes, I did reverse address search and it pulled up phone numbers and I agree direct contact would probably be best to do in these circumstances!! So please any other info definitely send it my way!! 

Thank you Wes!