Fulltime job and wholesaling

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Hi guys, does anyone in here do wholesaling while working a second shift job? From your experience, are most buyers and sellers busier during the morning and afternoon or during the evening? I want to get an idea on how to work around my schedule. I work from 2:30p-11p and from what I read most people who work full-time usually work from 9a-5p.  I also find it hard to attend networking events since most of them take place during the evening. Thanks!

@Jason C. Motivated sellers are flexible by definition. They will take time off work to meet with you, or at worst, meet you on the weekend.

Motivated buyers who don't do real estate full time will also leave work to see the house, or meet you on the weekend. If they do real estate full time then they will meet you anytime.

Personally I would hire an agent to do the showings so I can focus my time on finding more deals.