Wholesale - vacant property east Indy

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Hello all, have a question about a deal. A lady here in Indy has contacted me w/ 6 empty lots she has off market. She is asking for $2.50-$3 a sq ft.-not 100% sure how to analyze empty lots. I started like I wld normal property. For yhis specific lot the ARV (based off recently sold homes) is about $66,500. She is requesting 12850-15420. Is this a terrible deal? Is she asking for too much? Not sure how much I wld try to pitch it to an end buyer if I were to get it under contract. Any help or insight is much appreciated.

@Lenee Thomas @Carter Crowley thank you both for your responses, I wouldn't offer anything more than 25%-30% of the ARV value? I just want to make sure my numbers are right, its kind of confusing, I haven't done much research on empty lots. So I'm still trying to do research on this and not pass on a potential good deal.